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Dark Night — Mubasher Mehdi

My heart is weeping and my mind is aching
What am I with still eyes watching?
A scene strange, filled with severe pain
Everywhere falling the bloodly rain
Scattered are everywhere organs of man
Such a madness, such a hatred, such a satanic dance and damn
Every sight a sight of death
We know but can’t speak, who has taken our breath
Dark night, prevailing with its monstrous arms
It seems that pharaoh’s jugglers bugling their charms
Someone has set the fire in the cherry trees
Blown away are all the plums and peaches territories
The vineyard soft are giving smokes
Cracked have all the Koh – e – Suleman’s rocks
Will I be able to taste the cherries set in fume?
The sweet vines and grapes, will never reach me, can I assume
It’s a very dark, lonely and frightful night
We have to wait for ages now, for dewy dawn, perhaps and might

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