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The Fiction of Death – The Last Episode — Mubasher Mehdi

This is Nile. It is one of the oldest and longest rivers of the world. This Nile contains a species of alligator, certain eighteen lacs years old. He is a man eater.
There have been woven mythical stories about the river. Once a virgin girl was brought here, for sacrifice to get fertility to the land of Egypt. Its banks are mysterious and colorful. Along these banks is the shining city of Cairo, always alive; whether day or night.
The Cairo is famous for its club dancers and dancing clubs. Laila is also a famous club dancer. When she dances at night in a most talked off club, she is always appreciated with a loud applause. As her age is increasing but she is getting more and more beautiful.
Hamdullah is a young boy of sixteen who lives near the home of Laila in the same street. Hamdullah is complete Afro-Arab. His eyes have a terrific gesture of a teenager, sparkling, enlightened and Afro-Arab. Though he is thin, but he is exuberant youth. He never knew that Laila lived near his home in the street. His mother was strict, as he was the only child. She always kept an eye on him and was conscious about his education.
Laila one day got up late in the morning as usual. She opened the shut window of her home which showed her the scene of the market and street near her small home. As she was yawning and her body was in a state of typsines that she saw Hamdullah coming out of his home and moving towards market. She saw him and as a woman in fifties but gorgeous also, she was swayed by passionate emotions. She just put the casual wear over her and rushed to market after him – the Hamdullah.
Hamdullah was moving carefreely. Without any thought he stopped at a stall of cosmetics and there Laila encircled him with her eyes in fully live manners. Hamdullah got puzzled and lifted his eyes and saw Laila in casual wear and lost himself. Laila got in a severe ecstasy and she walked through the street out from the city. Hamdullah unknowingly went after her in a trance. She hired a taxi and put half conscious boy in it. She said to the cab driver, please to the Nile.Hamdullah had never experienced such feelings before.
His mind and body were filled with pleasure and an unknown fragrance. Laila get down from the taxi and Hamdullah in a bewitching condition sat at the bank of Nile, Laila started dancing. And inch and an inch of her body was throbbing and thrilling. Her joy was everlasting. It seemed that a certain new blood, vigour and ecstasy has crept in her. Her whole body was filled with extreme passion. She was dancing as if she would break. She thought that dancing before this boy is a significance never achieved during the last thirty five years of dancing. She was dancing in an extreme way. The curtain falls.
There, the mother of Hamdullah after searching the boy in market was moving towards Nile on taxi in a hysteric way. She was thinking that she had lost her son the only support for him. When she reached the bank of river, she saw there was no Laila. There was an alligator who was swallowing her son. She identified her son through the only arm with the specific shirt he was wearing today and now he was in the mouth of alligator some eighteen lacs years old.
Another curtain falls and, the fiction of death ends with its last episode.

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