In Chains and Fetters


The night is still and dark, my friend
As I lie locked up in this prison
Where dawns are not dawns, and days are not days
And evenings are lifeless, devoid of warmth
Thoughts crash upon me in waves
Scattering doubts across my mind

Then hope, like a streak of lightning
Flashes through from a dark corner
Days of tyranny don’t last forever
Dark nights tend to end as well
And dawn like a glowing bride
Will smile over our mountains and plains

The rich, with their blinders of gold
Busy today, drinking our blood
Will have their heads in a noose soon enough
Imperialism has been defeated and cast out
Yet its agents still prowl like rabid dogs
But like aged, scavanging hyenas
Their teeth have fallen out

Now, from the verdant pastures of Asia
And the dark jungles of Africa
The masses have poured out onto the streets
Like thunderous monsoon rains
And the fearless workers and labourers
From the lands of China, Korea and Cuba
Have broken imperialism’s back

This fight is a battle for the world
The Baloch are not in it alone
Whenever the poor workers of the world are victorious
It is a victory for the Baloch

These dark dungeons and chains of steel
Cannot falter the flight of Nasir’s ideas
The night may be dark, but it is fleeting
And the dawn is not far off my friends!

25th June, 1965

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