Shah Latif & Baloch


Shah Latif had developed a special attachment with the Baluchi tribe. He had closely observed their virtues of courage, determination adherence to their pledge and the qualities of leadership. They were completely fed up with the arrogant and fascist government of Kalhora and their hypocritical policies. So he was beginning to see the signs of a change in
Sindh through the Baluchis and was determined to develop self-confidence in them and give them encouragement. All the fine tunes of the poetry of Shah Latif are replete with the praise of the tales and characters of Baluchis. Some of the lines of his verse have become proverbial in the praise of the Baluchis:
I am completely enthralled by the love of the Baluch.
It is not within my power to erase the memory of the Baluch from my heart.
I realized the significance of love, only when’ I developed friendship with the Baluchi.
It is always good to enjoy friendship with the Baluchis.
I am a low caste, how can I be equal to the racially superior Baluchis.
You must look at the Baluch, as I see him.
Whatever I am, it is a matter of great pride that I am the handmaid of Baluchis
At one place making an evident suggestive comments about the quality of political leadership of Baluchis, he says:
No one should entertain any fear or anxiety whose leader is Ary Jam (Baluch Chief)
These hopes and predictions of Shah Latif were soon fulfilled. The reign of Kalhoras came to an end and the Baluchis assumed the reigns of power. He has given utterance to his old attachment with the Baluchis in the following manner:
The Baluch Chief had won my mind, spirit and heart, the day God created this world.
He experienced extraordinary joy whenever he maintained his contact with or associated with Baluchis:
I can feel the fragrance of Ary Jam (the Baluch Chief) coming from every branch and every tree.
In my eyes, there was anxiety and restlessness from the beginning, but the moment, I saw Punnu my eyes found comfort
At one place he blesses and prays most sincerely for the Baluchis in these words:
Oh God, protect Baluchis from all kinds of misfortunes and adversities.
At another place, he expresses himself about their value and martial qualities in following words:
Warfare and military exploits are the integral part of the character of Baluchis.
To be a Baluch, in other words to be a man bearing those characteristic qualities most pleasing to Shah Latif, is not
within the reach of every person. In order to develop these qualities a man requires the courage to live a life of honor
rather a life of dishonor and degradation. One has to develop the sentiments of personal dignity and national pride, to
remain firm and determined against any temptation, and to adopt the course of independence and truth. As in the
Baluch nation, Shah Latif also observed some similar distinctive virtues in the Smat tribes, such as trustworthiness
charity, generosity and adherence to the traditional values and to protect those who seek refuge. (G.M. Syed- Shah Latif and his message-65-66)

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