The New Emerging Left

     People around the world with leaning towards left has seen the celebration of 100 years of Communist party of China with joy and pride .The way USSR collapsed for many it seemed the end of the dream of human prosperity and equality which its revolution had shown .With USSR gone , right wing thought it would be a matter of couple years in which Cuba and China would surrender their dream at the alter of Capitalism. With USA mounting its pressure in form of sanctions, propaganda and grouping of G 7 against them it seemed like not in years but in days this dream of equality and better future  would die . But China and Cuba has shown the world a new meaning of courage and survival. Not only they have survived but they have given a new lease of life to the poor and oppressed around the world, The world is seeing a new wave of socialism , the statutes of the colonial masters are being pulled down , black , Asians , indigenous coming together to to raise their voices emphatically and loudly with courage and boldness in front of their oppressors of centuries has given a new soul to the body of movement which the capitalists  have assumed they have buried .
The pandemic of Corona Virus has exposed the Capitalism and has shown the world what they celebrated is not equality and human rights but opportunistic vultures feeding on the corpse of poor , needy, oppressed, workers , farmers, women , black , brown, immigrants and the tamed middle class . George Flyod death , misery of middle and poor class suffering from economic hardships on one hand and corona virus on the other has manifested itself in American elections where Bernie Sanders appeared as a candidate who was supported immensely by young people under 30 .These people have seen the financial corruption of the Capitalist country and the crisis its economic policies has created for everyone.When pandemic struck America the most gruesome picture emerged, claiming itself to be the super power it failed to contain the spread and people died like insects , not only that its health system failed miserably as people in last moments suffering from suffocation of covid refused ventilators as they didn’t want their families to suffer from the financial burden of medical bills after their death . What more can be tragic that a superpower who invaded the whole world  in name of human rights couldn’t provide the basic right to its own citizens, free health care .In past few years American politics has seen the emerge of young politicians with socialist ideas like Ilhan Omar,  Alexandria ocasio-cortez, Rashida Tlaib,Ayaana Pressley Jammal Bowman , Cori Bush all stand for free education till University level  freeing young students from the burden of student loans , Medicare for all , Green new deal under the patronage of Bernie Sanders are fighting for millions against staunch opposition not only from the business community but also from their own party.They are standing with their heads high and in words of Bernie Sanders
“Here on Earth, in the richest country, people are living paycheck to paycheck , struggling to feed themselves , struggling to see a doctor, but hey the richest guys in the world are off in outer space ! Yes.Its time to tax the billionaires “. By his continuing struggle people around the world has come to know in what horrifying conditions Amazon workers and Walmart workers are working.As compare to America China has done extremely well both on economic fronts and in controlling pandemic.In China the pandemic number stands at 93000 cases with 5000 deaths while in USA it stands at 33.3 million cases with 6.6 K deaths and no free health care .The world saw the real face of the super power .
In the meantime when USA was going through pandemic death of George Floyd by the hands of police officers put whole America on fire and the whole world saw the visible polarization of American society and their own President put fuel on the fire .
India sees its own giant of farmer movement rising from slumber when Indian farmers took it to the street to protest against government policies of discrimination and economic assault.The farmers March started on 9 th August 2020 against three farms act and shocked whole India with its resilience, depth and loyalty to cause .Modi government passed three farms act against farmers wishes making them vulnerable to big corporations abolishing their hold leading to Mass protest .Farmers came up with sound suggestions and have demanded with the fixation of Minimum control price so they don’t become a toy in hand of Indian government and this protest with all the power of government is still going on .When Modi government cracked down on Johar Lal Nehru University students it was the revolutionary poems of Faiz and Jalib that kept the audience on their feets charged against the brutal force of police for merely standing for their rights against the discriminatory Citizenship amendment act and fee hike for which they were brutally attacked by goons if BJP and police stood their to watch .But when same students stood up it was the left wing parties that got the blame for organizing protests and they did their best to stand with the students, protect them from police brutality and showing the real face of capitalist education system to the world .
World has seen while America and Europe struggled with pandemic not only China but Cuba stood tall.  Though American asphyxiation is causing protests in Cuba due to rising costs of living and insufficient medical supplies.Its not the communism that’s causing all those problems, it’s American capitalism that is neither letting its own people to live in peace nor the people around the world.It makes sure to destroy every culture and system it feels threatens with and want the world to believe that a country which started 300 years ago by settlers know more about the human progress and civilization then the entire custodians of human history and civilization.Cuba with all the sanctions imposed on it has come up with the health system named CARE where community wise people are designated to doctors and each doctor the exact number of old , young , seriously ill patients.Its vaccination program has already come up with world first meningococcal vaccine and for fighting covid 4 vaccines are under trial the world will see the moment they start making vaccines.They will not hoard it like America or Europe but will share it with world just like the way they shared their medical expertise with any country facing disaster and diseases.
World has seen Communist party of Canada protesting for Palestinine rights and Communist party of Australia protesting against violence against American sanctions in Cuba .Under the umbrella of human equality and progress the young generation of this world are putting their differences behind to fight against racism, inequality, injustice and violence of rich .As the future is rising with these young people , world can be a liveable place for the subjugated , tyrannized and repressed people around the world.

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