Dust – Grimmed Words


Words lay scattered
On the smooth layers of leaves
Quarreling with one another…these words
Elegies of loss or the notes of celebrations
Chants of wars or the melodies of peace
Regrets of union or the pangs of separation
Ambassadors of history or the traders of deceive
Moaning with narcissism …these words
Looking down upon one another with hatred
In the crowd of revelations and interpretations
Clanging with absurdity and meaninglessness
Waiting for an eternal tale to be unfold
Vibrating with hollowness…these words
No pen can ever narrate the feelingsof perpetual battle of existence
No astral diplomat ever descends down
To dive into the winding depths of being
To tell the faded story of the heart
Who is well observant and all seeing
To keep clinging with the chords
Woven with the knots and ways
To keep breathing in the endless
Aa’shur of daysIs a cross for the words and their guardians.

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