Love my house stranger, as I did


500, 500 happy faces have arrived, arrived to move into our only shelter, the only abode we’ve known, Our Home.

8 year old Qasim insists that Fatima must not be left behind, “,Baba tell her about this eviction too, she cannot stay away”

Umme Qasim, Fatima and Laila smells her kitchen’s herbs and spice racks thinking
If only Laila had more time the family will gather one last time for her delectable Mujaddarah

500 faces, from 20 countries in my home, amused by the smell of Hamdoun’s well nurtured Za’atar
Soon like our Hummus, Falafel, our Shakshukah and Kunafeh, Hamdoun’s bread will be theirs too

500 happy faces, from 20 countries are coming to my ancestor’s land, Y’allah don’t let them waiting
Omer never gets tired of painting murals of injured doves call him to Jarrah, home is still waiting

500 faces will celebrate, sing and dance in the courtyard where grandpa Abdou, Uncle Hamza, young Ahmed planted their olive trees
500 faces who know not the earth, the air, our songs and dances, will build new memories on debris of our homes

Y’allah enough of your tears, enough of your mourning, 500 happy faces, from 20 countries are moving in

Mona is gone, she needs no reminder, Laila cannot cook from under the rubble, Omar’s mural of a pigeon is bleeding red, the Olive tree planters have not lived to this day. Mousa and Khaled our restless boys were finally put to rest.

Y’allah 500 Happy faces are waiting to start anew, eager for their Mona’s laughter and censuring their restless Khaleds

Y’allah make way now, 500 new faces, from 20 new countries shall not begin their new journeys with your wails and mourns

Your Mona, your Laila, your Omar, Khaled and Mousa now rest peacefully in their permanet abode

500, 500 happy faces have arrived, arrived at
Jarrah, their beto, their beloved abode, they will know it now, as their Home.

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