The night eased its reins in the dark prison
As I was tormented by blurred, foggy thoughts,
As my heart of steel counted the wounds of the night,
The ground started to tremble
The moon started to shake
Sirens blared and jets flew out
Cannon fire lit up the city
Bullets fired at the sky looked like falling stars,
Bombs dropped from above shook the ground
Metallic birds whistled overhead
The sky was a battlefield, the ground was its ballad
Tanks swept over earth like the waves of a sea
Suddenly, I was intoxicated
Though I hadn’t had a drop of wine

Thoughts came down in swarms, circling down the heavens,
Words started forming rows like a flock of cranes
Finally, the puppets of the imperialists had clashed
The fire of war was lit upon the pyre
An old lament was refreshed in religion’s name,
And beautiful young men were taken away by cannons
Just to satisfy the greed of a few
The imperialists trick the masses,
This war is for profits, and not Kashmir
Muslims & Hindus are pawns in this game
Profits are reaped by the rich elite
As the wretched are bombarded

These flying ships and weapons of war
Which are being used to fight this battle
Are manufactured in grand industries
And sold for rivers of gold,
(The price for our heads)
The imperialists count their riches as we collect our bodies
The colonialists laugh as we burn down our homes
We have become animals to be bridled by them
Bombs are thundering, the ground is quaking,
Words are flowing out but the dungeon is dark,
The imperialist’s garden is in bloom tonight
For he has found such hapless prey,
Nasir! Hold your tongue! Let the siren speak

*17th September, 1965*
*Central Jail Karachi)*

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