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LIVING On The Edge —— Dr.Sarah Ali

Human civilization history proudly presents Mhergahr, Harappa (Gandhara Civilization) and Monjo Daro (Indus Valley Civilization) as landmark points of human civilization and society development. These civilizations are not merely representing old brick walls and pots but human desire to live with sensitivity and sensibility. Sensitivity means “the ability of an organism or part of an organism to react to stimuli, irritability” and Sensibility means “capacity for sensation or feelings” .Even a superficial look on the structure of these civilizations reveals the struggle of mankind to live with consciousness, struggle to not only move from caves to houses but also from darkness to enlightenment as we see organization, civic sense and educational places in these civilizations which are more than 5000 years old. Merely walking on two legs doesn’t make one a human being. To have the ability to think, to feel for others, to aspire to be a better person, to have the desire to bring on positive change, are the very core of a human society sustainability  and these feelings and emotions had helped the human beings built up these amazing civilization 5000 years ago. Living in Pakistan with these qualities is considered a curse and an abnormality. Amazingly it is the land of these three great civilizations to which humankind proudly relates to. People having them are treated as abnormal persons  and constantly remain the target of violence as raising questions and to think are considered a curse not a gift.

In Pakistan news of missing persons and discoveries of mass graves with chemicals thrown on the tortured bodies goes unnoticed. Rape and honor killings are regarded as punishment to the girls who dare to step out of the line or as a punishment for their family sins and considered as a fair deal providing sensational material to media and audience alike. Child sexual molestration is on the rampage in Islamic republic of Pakistan but we like to shove this topic under the carpet by labelling it just a land dispute or age old family dispute. Kasur 300 children sexual abuse case is still unsolved and is just a tip of a monstrous iceberg .In this case too accused are roaming around free threatening the victim families and victim and their families are hiding as they are being constantly ashamed and victimized. It took rape and murder of 12 innocent girls in the same city to get the attention of the government and pressurize police thanks to uproar on the social, electronic and print media. Innocent people are kidnapped, remain disappeared for months if lucky return with massive efforts from their families or die uncounted just like ants being smashed under the mighty boots of human and no one is ready to question this brutal custom. A society who is willing to put to death anyone in the name of religion  cannot be called a society , the people are putting other  people to death randomly to settle their old scores and out of jealousy using the name of religion  without providing them a fair trial like Mashal Khan  and those who survive the murder are thrown into the hell of prison without even a chance of fair trial like Junaid Hafeez.Both of these immensely talented and well aware young men have been made a frightening example for those who wants to live with sensitivity and sensibility and wants to raise questions  in this Jungle. To rub salt into the wounds the people who dare to speak for them or try to represent them in courts are also killed, Rashid Rehman and Salman Taseer are the victims of this hate wave.

The most brutal aspect of Pakistani society is the way it behaves with its victims, in the recent years the murdering spree has been extended into a full horror movie, not only the victims are being killed without trial but also tortured to death and this brutality doesn’t stop here the dead bodies are beaten until all bones broken and in most cases set to fire.  Mashal Khan was the student of Abdul Wali Khan University whose only crime was his ability to think, ask questions and raise objections on the wrong doings of the university administration .The university administration along with the students killed him due to these reasons and used religion as an excuse. The response to this brutality is even more horrifying religious and right wing parties glorifying the murderers, with no justice insight for him and no consolation for his family. A  Christian couple burnt for angering the kiln owner they were working for and the countless killings of ahamdies and, Shias  and Christians with the added effect of burning Christian and ahamdies localities . It shows the psychological mindset of our society .We are so filled with anger , rage and hate that we have forgotten that we are human beings not monsters. To think that the people who do these acts are in minority is a joke as in fact they are in majority and they are everywhere. They are not some aliens but Pakistanis who are filled with anger and hate and purposely trained for this purpose.

APS incident killed hundreds of innocent children and their parents are still waiting for justice but the reaction of the society and government is pathetic we are ready to let Ehsanullah spokesperson of TTP go free without thinking about all the mothers who have lost their children in APS, Bacha khan university  attack, Police academy hostel attack, Quetta civil hospital attack and list goes on.

Our politicians are involved in never ending game of blaming one another for the total chaos but are never ready to talk about the affairs of health and education in their own area. Health and education have deteriorated immensely. We are not ready to accept that tolerance and sympathy for others, patience, thinking and raising questions, protecting our children and fighting for our rights politically are the only solution to cure this cancer. As Che Guevara the greatest revolutionary ever born said in his last letter to his kids “Remain able to feel deeply for injustice in any part of the world”. and for this we need to give space and strength to our children to think and to ask questions without the fear of being tortured to death. As only then we can be true custodian of great civilizations.

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