5 Best Peo Companies Of 2021 List Of Providers Ranked

best peo companies

If you’re just starting out and new to working with PEO service providers, you could always start with the Basic plan and upgrade to Plus when you’re ready. In addition to benefits like health, vision, and dental insurance, Justworks also provides a wide range of compliance services. They handle W-2 and 1099 filings, unemployment insurance, and workers’ compensation.

best peo companies

Not every option will be a good fit, but take note of your priorities, notice what will be best for your employees, and you should be able to make your decision quickly enough and correctly. We hope that the above information was helpful to you and that you return to this article as needed throughout the process. Your employees might experience some changes during the onboarding process. Much of the answer to this question lies in how things were done prior to the PEO coming on board. They will likely need to get used to a few new procedures, but not much that will affect their average working day. Other PEO providers not yet reviewed for this list include TriNet, Justworks, Paychex, Oasis Outsourcing, and ADP TotalSource.

Best Professional Employer Organizations In 2021

You’ll need to speak with their customer service sales team to get a custom quote. Gone are the days when employees demand free lunches and commuter benefits. Instead, benefits like flexible work schedules and affordable healthcare have risen to the top. PEOs must work closely with small businesses to create employee benefit plans that satisfy their employees.

  • PEOs will need to work closely with the small businesses they serve to maintain safe and secure workplaces.
  • Currently, the National Association of Professional Employer Organizations has announced that there are more than 900 PEOs operating in the United States.
  • With over 30 years of experience, the company focuses on saving you time, retaining your best employees, and providing comprehensive solutions.
  • In this regard, XcelHR offers a good all-round PEO service that most small businesses might otherwise struggle to access.

Many PEOs provide online portals where employers and employees can access their benefits and HR self-service easily, but the best companies also offer mobile apps and one-on-one customer service. Paychex is a leading provider of full-service HR support and they include different features such as health insurance, employee management tools, retirement plans, life insurance, and more. Staff One provides strategic HR services, risk management, compliance management, employee benefits, payroll outsourcing and tax administration for a variety of small and midsize businesses across the country.

Xcelhr Pricing

INFINITI HR is still very much the new kid on the block, but it packs a punch with all the services it offers. It is the official premium supplier for the International Franchise Association . INFINITI HR is a PEO that is franchise-friendly with services designed to the needs of the growing empire. A unique feature is its recruitment services, which help to keep companies stacked with the top talent they need to keep growing. INFINITI HR places a sharp focus on growing your business, offering specialized recruitment services that are rarely seen with a PEO.

The company has Spex Advisers LLC handle their financial needs while they focus more on development. Webential managed web development, digital marketing, and application development services for a scaffolding company. The deliverables increased operational efficiency and facilitated expansion. Professional Staff Recruitment provided recruitment petty cash services for a customer management company. Professional Staff Recruitment needed talent for a German-related project. KIAT was tapped by a Chemical Manufacturer to provide recruiting and staff augmentation services. To date, KIAT has recruited more than 20 employees for various positions and continues to provide staff as needed.

Look for a PEO company that provides scalable solutions too, so you won’t need to worry about your PEO stifling your growth—or needing to find another PEO company to join when you do grow. Justworks ensures that you’re staying compliant with employer regulations across the board. Employees can also easily self-onboard online, including entering their direct deposit info, choosing their benefits, and requesting time off. This software is appropriate both for small business owners who’ve fully outsourced their HR solutions to Paychex, as well as business’s own in-house HR teams. ADP TotalSource offers quote-based pricing, so you’ll need to contact the company directly for a quote.

best peo companies

While we’ve featured the companies we think are the best overall, different providers may offer services that are better suited to different companies. This is especially the case as the size of the company, and how established it is, will dictate your HR needs. Start-ups may need to build-in scaleability from the start, while larger businesses may need flexibility to cope with employee churn. The LMS aims to provide in-work training development for employees using an online platform which is mobile-friendly, in order to improve on employee retention. For the normal PEO service you can select courses from the Paychex training library, but with the PEO+ service you can upload your own training materials and courses to the platform.

So if you’re on the fence about these or any other PEOs you’re looking into, we’d recommend reaching out to their customer service team directly. That way, you can both have all your specific questions answered and get a feel for their communication style. Justworks’ PEO gives your employees access to corporate-level medical, dental, and vision insurance from Aetna, Kaiser, Permanente, and UnitedHealthcare. You can also provide your employees with additional benefits like 401s, commuter benefits, life insurance, HSAs, FSAs, and even fitness memberships and Citi Bike memberships, depending on the service plan you choose. TriNet also features quote-based pricing based on factors like your industry and number of employees, so you’ll need to contact TriNet directly for a personalized quote. TriNet prides itself on providing transparent pricing, so they’ll provide you with line-item pricing for each service you’re interested in when you receive a quote. Expect to be charged a flat fee per employee per month, which keeps your costs predictable.

But, on average, $1,000-$2,000 per employee per month is a good base number to start with. They provide every service you need to take your HR challenges off your plate, including HR Paperwork, 401k management, health and dental insurance, risk management, payroll, state taxes, and everything in between. The big positive with ADP Totalsource is that their customer support team is available not just to you, the business owner, but also to your staff. If any of your employees have questions about their pay, entitlements, tax rates, or any other HR issue, instead of calling you, they can call ADP to get the answer.

Access To Dedicated Hr Support

For example, there is a five or ten-employee minimum for several of the best PEO providers on the list below, and pricing will be affected, perhaps to a prohibitive degree. But, the reason they’re able to offer these great rates is that they cut corners elsewhere. They take care of payroll and taxes and compliance and health insurance and everything else you need so you don’t have to worry about your HR responsibilities. PEOs in 2021 are focusing on offering extensive cloud-based technology platforms that make it simple and easy for small businesses to use. A good PEO provides a platform that can be accessed anywhere by any employee through any device.

best peo companies

Professional employer organizations typically do not offer free trials of their HR services, and contract lengths and structures vary by company. Some PEOs only offer long-term contracts, while others don’t require a contract at all. Cancellation policies vary, but business owners typically need to provide at least 30 to 60 days’ notice before canceling a PEO service. Some companies allow you to leave at any time for any reason; others charge you a fee for leaving.

Customer Service

Their team of over 10 employees serves clients of all sizes across industries such as IT, financial services, business services, and gaming. VERUS CONSULTING is an HR firm based in Nairobi, Kenya with more than two employees.

When we explained that we were looking at competitors as well, ADP representatives offered advice on what questions to ask and what services to look for in our search. This level of attention was unmatched by other sales teams we contacted. It offers several valuable online resources, including its Connect 360 services, which put you in touch with HR professionals, who can answer your specific questions. That said, joining a PEO is a major decision, as you’ll actually be entering into a co-employment bookkeeping agreement with the PEO company. This means that your employees technically become both the PEO’s employees as well as your own—that way, the PEO can legally share certain employer obligations, such as payroll administration. The financial penalties of businesses that fail to stay compliant or slip even once can be ruinous. The owners’ vision was to create the first-ever customizable PEO that offered a variety of services in addition to traditional human resources offerings.

With professional employer organization payroll services, you don’t have to worry about any of the payroll administration in your business. From direct deposits to expense reimbursement and year-end statements, a PEO can take care of your entire payroll system. This can reduce legal problems for your business, helping you earn a positive reputation in your community and reducing employee turnover. Since many employees seek an employer that can offer continued education, partnering with a PEO that offers training and development courses can entice top talent as well. Make sure the PEO you partner with assigns you a designated team of experts who can handle your HR, risk management, benefits and payroll needs.

Peo Reviews

These days, much of employee management can be done by the employee or employer themselves via a self-service portal. This gives employees greater control over their work life and speeds up the turnover time on certain operations. Always check to see what kind of online services the PEO offers, as you and your staff will be using these a lot. Engage PEO clients can speak to a specialist support agent for each area, including an account manager and human resources consultant . Account managers are Society for Human Resource Management certified so they can offer legal advice.

Both of these save their client businesses time and money—sometimes thousands of dollars. If you want to remove some of the headaches of HR and doing payroll on your own, contact a PEO and see how they can help you. In addition to charging a flat rate per employee monthly, it also charges by percentage of total payroll. Of the seven PEO companies in this guide, only XcelHR has flexible pricing. Further, the provider lets you add or subtract services as needed, instead of bundling features per a contract.

Remember that the best PEO for your company at this stage may not be the best down the line, and renegotiation is a must. Florida based Siracusa Staffing & Leasing specializes in workers compensation, payroll services and tax administration for small and medium-sized businesses.

If you choose to offload a little, you’ll appreciate the simplicity and intuitiveness of Paychex’s HR software, Paychex Flex. With it, you or anyone on your team can seamlessly manage onboarding, hiring, payroll, benefits, PTO, your policies, and more. With the add-on, your employees also get access to modern health and wellness packages to encourage strong mental and physical health. Plus, you can get help with 401s, HSAs, and commuter benefits to keep your team engaged, healthy, and happy. Its full-service HR management services paired with intuitive, all-in-one HR software empower you to focus on other aspects of running your business. Not only does this help you save time, but it also helps you save money.

Based in Mumbai, India, they specialize in payroll processing, financial accounting, and HR services for both small and medium-sized businesses. CodersLink is an HR agency based in San Antonio with more than 10 employees.

VERUS CONSULTING provided HR consulting solutions for a nonprofit organization. The organization was looking to recruit high-ranking positions in the organization. Three of the four people selected by VERUS CONSULTING were hired by the organization. KOISRA Co., Ltd set up an e-learning company in Korea, handling marketing and PR for appealing to the Korean market. They translated campaigns, created copy, and sold and provided the actual service.

We publish unbiased reviews; our opinions are our own and are not influenced by payments from advertisers. Learn about our independent review process and partners in our advertiser disclosure. Interested to learn whether or not Insperity can handle the PEO services that your business needs, check out our Insperity review. Through Paychex Flex, best peo companies you can view the type of benefits in which employees opted to enroll. XcelHR doesn’t publish its fees on its website; you have to call the provider to request a quote. A third-party site claims that its monthly fees start at $49 per employee. If you need help making a final decision, follow our guide on finding the right payroll solution.

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