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Writer has to be a fighter — Fakhar Zaman

                The writer has to be a fighter because literature basically is an instrument for social change. A true writer has to protest, resist and question the establishment especially in the times of dictatorship, fascism and religious bigotry. In that way a writer, for that matter all creative artists are destined to be anti-establishmentarian and the oppressive decadent and dehumanizing status quo. Pablo Neruda, Lorca, Hemingway, Andre Malraux who physically fought for democracy against fascist forces in Spain, were predominantly spurred by the thoughts that no writer can be a lackey of dictatorship. Even the romantic poet Byron fought with the people in Greece. The history of writers’ movements is dominated by the sacrifices of many other writers like Turkish writer Nazim Hikmet, Hungarian writer Petofi, Persian poet Quratulain Tahira and Nigerian writer Ken Saro-Wiwa were tortured to death simply because they held aloft the flag of revolution in an oppressive and despotic society.One category comprised opportunist, hypocrites, and cowards who believed in genuflection to ruling dictators. The other category was of the writers who spoke truth, were flogged, put into torture cells but they failed to compromise with the establishment. Literature for literature sake is simple nonsense, because literature is only for the people.These are not the times to write on the “Gul-o-Bulbul” , boy meets girl stories and useless romantic, shallow and pseudo writings. The Pakistani literature has

to be translated into English and made available on internet so that people across the globe can read the marvelous progressive literature of Pakistan.

                It is the need of hour to declare all languages spoken in Pakistan as the national languages of Pakistan and Urdu as the official language of Pakistan.

                The present government and its bureaucracy is anti-Punjabi language and Punjabi culture as their priorities are Metro-Orange trains and flyovers not the finer sensibilities of human beings.

                The text books are archaic and unrepresentative of social, economic and political changes. There is a mafia who would like to include the reactionary and retrogressive literature and distorted facts about the history of Pakistan. The young writers should go for new visions, entirely new sensibility which is bereft of purism, clichéd and hackney expressions. Let there be new metaphors, new similes and new symbolism to effectively express the kaleidoscope of modern diction and new mind sets motivated by cyber phenomenon. However, the literature and all fine arts should be cared towards the amelioration of the wretched of the earth.

                Write new literature, do new painting and create new music for the people and people alone. I am very fond of Chilean poet Pablo Neruda’s saying “I was a romantic but when blood oozed from the guitars of Spain, I migrated from the South of romanticism to the North of resistance”. This migration is the destiny of our new generation.

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