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Home » قصہ » WHEN THE EARTH OPENED ITS LAST WRATH —-  Fakhar Zaman


    The days were very cold. The sun had disappeared and had touched the equinox of winters. The people at this planet didn’t know about the past. As the sun had passed from the equinox of Ram and Aquarius, the people had forgotten everything. The past had buried in past. They only had an idea that they had been brought over here by the “Mother Earth”. They came to know after a long time that they had passed from all other planets, and had been placed at this planet, the Pluto.
It was all ice on this planet. Everywhere, there was ice. It was making them sick and ill. They also didn’t know about their other fellow human beings. They were now living in small groups. They had already been freezed. They were astonished that the days were very long and dark. There wasn’t any light. They had become extremely tired.
These people wanted to get the ice of this planet melted. So, that they might get few drops to survive for some more time. But helplessness was all there. Their hands were like the wife of “Lot”. They couldn’t make any movement. Only their eyes could crawly a little. The group at the edge of this planet was an interesting sight and watch. Through eyes, gestures were made. All of them, with little crawling, eyes with frozen hands, were asking several questions from each other. One asked how we had been here? A long haired man, with long hair on all of his head with little moving eyes tried to answer dumbly, which meant, roughly around thirty thousand years. They were more startled. How? Another replied through eyes. There is a difference in the time of the Earth and the time over here. There were several other questions to be answered. Where were light, the sun, the moon, the water, the   sky and beautiful stars? But there was no answer. Even tridents didn’t shake this place. The eyes of all were praying crawlingly.
Could we move? Only could we crawl? Could this ice get slim? Could we go back to Earth? After a long time when their eyes were also dying, a long haired – headed man moved his shrinked grim eyes. This was the message of a slight hope. It meant that the Earth has entered the orbit of this planet. They were stoned and fixed already. This was the first news ever for them, because ever since they came here their watches, their cellular phones and computers had stopped. All these tools were insignificant and without signals, there wasn’t any information for them. It was a strange thing that now the language of eyes was their language. The news was overwhelming as they could have baked food now, could see crops and the sun. As this thinking was going on a push was observed. Then there were constant waves of pushing. It seemed that the “Mother Earth,” wanted to snatch her children in order to save them. She was striking this planet like a giant whale. Her belly was full of fire balls which had been swallowed by her, and that she also swallowed to save her children. She put these fire balls in her belly as these were also thrown by her children. All the eyes knew that this was the last and the slightest hope. Now, in a madness of a whale the Mother Earth moved and in this severe agony, incidentally and accidently her belly struck this planet. An immense fire like a wrath came out and wrapped this unknown planet. First the people become happy, because ice started melting, but then the fire grew up to the last edges of the space.
This seemed that this was the last wrath of the Earth opened by her to save her children.

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