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Transperances of darkness … Nida Batool

Sucking the scarlet of our beings

We r doing nothing but vain

Stuffing selves with empty hollowness


pragnent mind

Produced the offsprings of wonders and nomadic thoughts

All r having scars of ur detatchment

I wish to be sterile

Become a part of vaccum”

A dream never dies its natural death

Nida Batool



Soul ache bring breathleddness to a dream…

Often it has seen

Funerals announces for

Death of being

But for dream why no funeral

No announcement any…

Dream takes its last breaths in a desolate heart


Heart becomes a graveyard

Stuffed with uncountable dreams

This heart is a grave of many dreams

Its so exhausted…burrying and burrying

Untill eyes stop watching dreams

Heart stops beating.

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