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Mast Taukali — Translation: Mihran Baloch

Come O green bird, I’ll send you as a marriage-counselor
Climb down the steep mountains, shrieking out longings
Take my regards and fly swiftly across plains and deserts
Her identification is that there are red threads in her eyes
Straight is the nose, joined are Sammo’s eyebrows
Around her swan like neck is a circular necklace
Three layered amulet swing on beloved’s chest
Longings of beloved give me whip lash pain
Go there O bird where my moon is seated in mists
Be cautious of thugs and cheaters
They may hunt you by shooting arrows
Take my regards and tie them with your silvery wings
Go there where my mistress sits amongst friends
Casually sit on her left shoulder
Chirp, taking your beak close to her ear ring laden ears
She will gently hold and hide you in her stole
Where do you come from? What is the problem with you?
I’ve no problems, I’m merely the marriage-counselor
Have brought the message of your lover
Say “yes” Sammo, life will be splendid
Say “yes” beloved, don’t take the curse of my heart

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