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IMAGINATION …. Kubra/Dr. Khaudaida

It was evening.

I was extremely sad

I felt very uneasy and wanted to console

my impatient soul.

I got up willy-nilly, stepped towards the

park and was enjoying the scene of

colourfull flowers.

Very amazingly and unintentionally

on the delicate and lovely petals of

flowers I felt the reflection of your

ornate and lovely face.

All the flowers in the park looked

as if they were anxious about my

restlessness and impatience.

When I sat by the flowers

And looked at the beautiful colour

of the rose, I thought of you , felt my heart

in my mouth, my throat was blocking,

tears ran off my eyes,

and were lost in the roots of the rose.

A deep sigh came out of my mouth.

I put my head on my knees

and was lost in imaginations

You stretched your lovely hand towards me.

I held your hand in mine and pressed it

hard and got up.

We went to a corner of the garden.

You told me what a good day was that.

Sinking in the limitless ocean of your

eyes I told you

“yes, may such blissfull days stay forever.

And may the Almighty keep the garden of your

grace flourishing.”

You looked at me with love.

You held my hand and asked me,

“Let us go to the stream.”

We both got up

When the rose saw you it concealed

its face with leaves.

The cypress enjoyed your graceful stature.

The black moth began buzzing.

The nightangale lamented.

The eyes of daffodils glared.

Spots appeared on the heart of tulips.

The sun dimmned.

The willow bowed to you in reverence and honour.

Blissful tears circled in my eyes.

Both of us reached the banks of the stream

happily in ecstacy and unconcerned.

You sat on a big boulder and put your

feet in the crystal clear water of the stream.

I had held a flower garland in my hand.

I came to you.

Moved close to you,

And with my shivering hands.

Very politely and with sincere feelings I put

the garland of blood caloured flowers

around your neck.

Both of us were occupied in enjoying the views

of high mountains and flowing water.

The universe seemed a part of the rays

of your grace.

The turbulent water waves were calm

showing their modesty in your honour,

And were unable to make noise and

display power.

The goblet slipped from the hands of saki,

The flask had fallen and the cups broken.

Intoxicated by your vine like red lips

the innocent heart was leaping and

was beating unintentionally.

A bitter scream touched my ears.

Someone asked me to get up as it was dark,

That they were closing the gates of the park.

I had a great shock.

I raised my head from my knees and,

was looking here and there in astonishment.

It was dark.

The stars twinkled in the sky.

The world of my beautiful imagination collapsed

I got up with sad and uneasy feelings and

sobbing, somewhere.

I murmured

“I made myself a king by imagination.

when I raised my head, I was the beggar

singing couplets for mercy.”




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