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HALLOWEEN MOSQUE ۔۔۔ Mubasher Mehdi

The waves of this ocean were striking the shore tirelessly. This ocean seemed to have existed since time immemorial. No one knew that a ship, which was coming from the East of the planet, carrying a single survivor in a wrecked condition, would be anchored somehow or the other by its only survivor.
It’s been more than fourteen days of thirst and hunger, which the survivor had to face. But more than the itching hunger and thirst, this man had to see puzzling scenes. He only remembered that, from where he came, that part of the globe had been destroyed by nuclear blasts and he who lived near a sea side city that whole city was blown and flowed away.
When he got ashored on this island he was astonished. He saw that this was a vast land and with lush green grass grown over there. Suddenly he saw a group of women standing in a strange way, as if they were waiting. They had harpsichords and other musical instruments in their hands. They for a while stared at him and again become stand still. It seemed that they were made of wax. As he passed from them, these women didn’t notice, but for a brief moment, their eyes lifted and again got shut and they became stand still.
He was terrified. After crossing them, he witnessed another group of women picking mustard from the ground. They also just giggled as he came near but again got stand still.
This was also very strange for him as the sun and the moon were also moving and appearing and disappearing like flashes of light.
When he moved a bit, he saw, a group of men ploughing in the field. He became happy to see that he might know about the inhabitants of this land. But when he moved over to them, this was very strange to him, first they didn’t take any notice, but then their foreheads melted like candle wax for a while, and again they became people of wax and stand still.
All of a sudden he heard voices, which splitted like sound waves and these waves were for a while converted in waxen words and like bubbles of water. This was a call for prayer. He moved his eyes. He saw that surrounded by water, there was a mosque. He started moving towards it. As he came near to it, the mosque twisted in a temple. He became more near, and it turned into a pagoda. He became more near and it became a Church. But when he entered this place its steps were like wax. And more astonishing thing for him was something else.
He saw in a corner there were people wearing black and green robes and counting rosaries one bead fell and a click come and with this their eyes get shut and opened in a moment.
At another side, he saw that there was a waxen statue of Buddha, where people were touching his navel and for a while they get closed and then taken aback like a click of a slow motion picture. There were also people standing before a flute player. The tunes of flute fell like medicated tablets and after a tuck they fell and again people moved back. And also there were people whose hands were moving on the cross but after a moment they also got back and become stand still.
It was a strange place altogether. These people had half shut and half opened eyes and they were made of wax. And these eyes flutter like butterflies. In an exciting condition he touched them all. And he also became a waxen statue like them with half shut and half opened eyes in this Halloween mosque.

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