Malcolm X and Castro.

That time Malcolm X met Fidel Castro in Harlem 60 years ago on this day. A year after the Cuban Revolution, Castro and his delegation came to New York to attend the UN General Assembly, but the management of the Manhattan hotel the delegation booked now refused to house them ...

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The enlightenment of Waris Mir

With increasing onslaught against the freedom of expression in Pakistan, it is imperative that we remember those who held the torch of sanity under the most horrifying periods in Pakistan’s history, especially under the military dictatorships of General Ziaul Haq and the self-appointed Field Marshal General Ayub Khan. In some ...

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Mast Taukali

Sammo with her herd at Mountain of Rastrani Grazes her livestock and fetch water from far Dragging behind her herd barefoot My Moon face doesn’t look good amidst sheep and goats. Request you I ,O Clouds of Badraa Give her shadow and pour down on her grazing field Laughing with ...

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