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Lenin —  Gul Khan Nasir

Tr. Shah Koh Mengal

Lenin, the brave tactician
A portrait of love, valour and truth

The eternal flame of knowledge and wisdom
An epitome of toil and perseverance

The leader of wretched masses
The sword, striking at oppression’s roots

A voice to the worker’s silent heart
A shoulder to the peasant’s cause

The smasher of the idols of gold
A helping hand to those in need

For evermore, living through the ages,
Shining like the brightest moon

The leader to a new world
Wise counsel to the valiant

A guide through the halls of labour & capital
The realization of Marx & Engels’ dream

Great, unrivaled and renowned
A page in the vicissitudes of revolution

U.S.S.R, the home of Lenin
May you be evergreen like Kashmir

With utter devotion, does Nasir
Salute your Great Lenin’s spirit

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