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THE DREAM OF A MOTHER —- Syed Ejaz Gillani

               After having said this Kashif walking briskly got out of college and after two days, along with his mother he left for Dubai. After Kashif’s departure Joseph felt extreme loneliness for some time but with the passage of time his condition turned to normal. Joseph toped the examination result in first year of his college. But the cruelty of the social attitudes had weakened him inside like worm eaten wood. Inspite of his status as the most brilliant boy of his class, there seemed no change in the attitude of professor Sahib. Nor other professors encourage him by speaking good wishes for him. Inspite of being the most healthy and position getting student in the college, he started suffering from inferiority complex. How could if it be not? Social attitudes were the mirror wherein he saw himself reflected. Time is mighty cruel factor. He could hardly know. The mother of Joseph was extremely happy, because his son had won the first position in the college inspite of dis-advantages of poverty. She distributed sweets in whole of colony (Mohalla) and proudly informed every person about top position of his son in the college. My son is very brilliant & will become a great man after getting education. My son shall fulfill my dream. After about two months, classes for second year started. Now Joseph started taking more interest in his studies. He had girded up his belt for winning top position in second year also. He wanted to maintain this level. Amjad & Nasir were nephews of professor Shamshad. They were the class fellows of Joseph who cut dirty Jokes with him but he ignored them. He tried his utmost to spare himself from entanglements of any type with anybody. He showed toleration on many an occasion. This was perhaps the cause that their ego’s meeting no resistance did inflate to such a limit that they stopped him on the way and said “why do you not become muslim. Why don’t you say ‘Kalma’. If you come in the pale of our religion, we will provide you with fine clothes. Such precious clothes that you can never buy in your life. “Joseph replied with etiquettes of good behavior, “if I were to say the same to you? Both of you join my religion. I will provide both of you with five clothes. Would you join me in religion. The moment it was spoken an uproar started in the college. The students expressing their extremism in religions sentimentalism beat him to near death. They brought his blood oozing body dragingly to the principal’s office where they locked him in an unconscious state. A false rumour was circulated in the college, that a Christian student had spoken something blasphemous about the character of prophet of Islam. The students and the majority of professors demanded that a case under the clauses of blasphemy should be registered with the police. There were others who demanded that before the registration of case his face be lampblakened, garlanded with old shoes and he be put on the back of donkey to make a circuit of the college. This will be a warning and no Christian student would dare do such an evil act in future. This was the crime that he had not committed at all but he was being punished for uncommitted act. There was not a single person in the college who could come out in his defence or a person who attempted to know if there was a grain of truth in what is being said and told. The principal of the college under the pressure of atmosphere there called the meeting of professors in the committee room. It was decided in the meeting that Joseph Masih be presented in the committee room. The principal addressed Joseph and said, you are an intelligent student of this college but anyhow a grievous blunder has been committed by you. The committee has unanimously decided keeping in view your hard work in study, not to get the case registered against you and a chance be given to you to compensate for your blunder. If you want to continue your education in this college, change your religion and accept Islam. Otherwise you could be shunted out of the college. Now the decision lies with you. We give you fifteen minutes to ponder over. Certainly you have the capacity to decide it within fifteen minutes. After fifteen minutes the principal and professor Shamshad asked him as to what decision he had made? Tell us Joseph. What conclusion have you reached? Joseph calmly replied that before passing the judgment every criminal is given a chance to defend his position. I want to say something in my defence. The nephews of Shamshad Sahib have falsely implicated me in this crime. There is no truth in this allegation. Right from the day I joined this college, uptill now, Shamshad Sahib has been insulting me without any reason, injuring myself respect. All the students of my class are witness to it. In pursuance of the attitude of their uncle, his nephews, Nasir and Amjad too had an insulting behavior towards me. As I left the class room both of them blocking my way said to me, why do you not embrace Islam? Why don’t you say the ‘Kalma’.  If you change your religion, they will give me very costly clothes and such clothes I could never buy in my life. In reply to their offer I only said “ If I say the same to you, change your religion and be Christian. I will give both of you very costly clothes. I speak on oath of Jesus Christ, addressing the principal, if they had not said this to me I would not have replied in the same coin. Now kindly tell me sir, what crime their lies hidden in my reply. I can never dare to speak dis-respectfully about any religion or some prophet. I cannot think in my mind to harbour any malice against other peoples. Certainly it is not the Christian way. Why I would talk about Islam in disrespectful tone. Islam has preached to the Muslim, “Do not speak ill of other religions and their divinities” I cannot, till my last breath, taunt about Islam or Pakistan. Because Pakistan is my identity and Islam my umbrella. It guards me against all evil eyes. Islam and constitution of Pakistan have guaranteed my right to the freedom of religion. Therefore, due to any pressure or threat of death I shall not change my religion. Now you may entrust me to the police or expel me from the college, as you please. Principal eyes welled up. As I stopped speaking the professors abused me heartily and turned me out of the committee room by pushing and slapping. As soon as he reached the college gate a rain of shoes started on his head. His house was not far away. He ran into his house to save his life because the students aroused by religions sentimentalism encircled the whole colony (Mohalla). Principal reached on the spot in time with a heavy police force and with a tough struggle were able to disperse the students. Had he not reached the spot in time, the religions extremists seemed bent upon putting Joseph house to torch. The whole vicinity looked like a picture of judgment day. All the peoples were trembling with fear because before this such incidents had already been reported in papers and TV. Peoples were trembling to recall the horrible savagery committed at Sargodha, Gujranawal, Sanglahill, Texilla, Gojra, Shantinagar, Peshawar Church, Kot Radha Kishan and so many other places and similar fate awaited them at that moment Christian community was made to embrace death in the name of religion. Joseph feared to come out of his house for one week. When his mother wanted him to understand that they were a minority community. They did not have the status of muslim majority. In the third-world countries, there exists a contradiction among minority and majority. Majority are not willing to give any status to the minority whatever. So don’t be sensitive about it. Take courage and get ready. A man has to face so many challenges in this life. In this young age life has taken you to test and you have passed it. You have not lowered you head before the fear of death, nor have you let the religion of Jesus Christ become a laughing stock. My son you have raised me in my own eyes. Now I can proudly say that my son is a brave man.Those who are on the right God helps them and insures their safety. It was God who saved you that day and sent his help “the presence of the principal was merely an excuse. My son you are also from the people of the book, otherwise those sentimental fanatics would have cut you to pieces. Verily a deep relation exists between God Almighty and Jesus Christ, which nobody can falsify. You join some other college and continue your study. As Joseph refused to join any college his mother said. It means that you do not want to fulfill any dream. At this Joseph replied that he must fulfill the dream of his mother at all costs. I will take the F.A examination as a private student and determined that this time too he will secure ninety nine percent marks. Joseph studded day and night and sent his fee for taking examination. Roll number slip and date sheet arrived. First paper was that of English Literature which was done to his entire satisfaction. As he reached his house he saw that his mother lay on a cot almost unconscious.

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