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CAGE — Mubashir Mehdi

We are closed in a cage
And we haven’t got any rage
Can we break this and undone?
No, we haven’t got any power and in numbers we are many, but actually none
Our plight and pain have surpassed
But we remain indifferent to each other, never our agony we share and asked
We keep on bearing the infinite tyranny
And never we feel incited upon the satire on us and irony
Even though in our talks we can’t dissent
This Saga of our slavery was in past and now in present
On our faces rulers spit the oppression
But we don’t think it as a rebel lesson
Day after day the rulers push us in hellish ditches
Our eyes and hearts get hurt, but we are unable to do any stitches
We are circumstantial bound
Fate moves us in circles round
For a single loaf of bread
We have to struggle a lot and whole day tread
Sometimes we feel that we are pygmys and ants
The life throughout, depresses us and makes us haunts
It seems that though this cage has been made by persons who are known
But this cage has captivated us, throughout the world forlorn
Generations and generations have remained ensnared in this cage forever
Never we think to cut it because it is every where
In this long cage, we sometimes weep and through it sometimes peep
Our hearts remain hurt but we can’t come out of it and leap

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