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Sammi’s Abode ۔۔۔۔   Mast Taukali

Translated by Fazal Baloch
Yesterday, nay the day before yesterday
I sauntered down the mountains of Taddari
And halted at the abode of Sammi
Alas! a heap of stones ’twas
I gazed at the debris of her abode
Nowhere she was in sight
Nowhere marks of her hands
I ask those stones
I ask them but doth not they answer
Stones doth not speak
For doth not they’ve a tongue
Stones doth not speak without their Mistress’ will
Sammu! Thy sorrows burn
Like sorrows of the departed sons
Bring me the dagger
I’d stab my heart
And with my blood
I’d paint these stones red!
I Wish A Day
I wish a day,
I’d return with a season
I pray to Lord and seek His help
I plead to Shah and don my royal armour
I’d spend a whole year
In the pastures of Sindh
Till the cranes return from Sindh in the next season
Cranes sing but soothe not my ailing heart
My ailing heart only soothed by the beautiful luaghters of Smmul
Cranes return, so would I
I’d stroll along with a flock of cranes
Flock after flock
Cranes sail in the air to explore the heaven
I wander to seek my beloved
Cranes in the air, me on the earth
From Sindh, cranes would fly down to Khorasan
And keep flying ahead
But I would halt at Sibi
I’m so desperate to meet Sammi.

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