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ASKING — Kubra / Khudaidad

Dust had covered his cheekes,
His eyes seemed sunk
Exhaustion and misfortune had spoiled him.
I went close to him,
Put my hand on his shoulder
And asked him.
Who are you?
Can I help you?
He leapt off violently
And with irritable accents said to me.
“Ah! Nowhere is spared by these children
of Adam.”
Dreaded I told him,
“Human feelings compelled me
to ask you about your miseries”
Very astonished he asked me,
“Human feelings?!
Who are you?
to assert such a big claim?
I have never so far seen a human being ,
humanity and human feelings.”
I asked him,
Who are these people?
Whom do you call human beings.”
He laughed.
He hold my hand tight in his hands
And told me.
Are these people human?
There is a great difference between

human beings and the children of Adam.
The word human is derived from humanity,
Meaning that it has born off
the warm word love.
A human being does not suck
the blood of his own kind.
A human being does not deceive anyone,
And never misleads his friend.
A human does not seek his own happiness
in the cries of others.
A human does not bring misfortune
to others for his own fortune.
A human being does not want his own
comfort by making others miserable.
A human being never tells lies to anyone,
And is not useless.”
A human being considers the interests of
others more important than his own ones
And wishes the well being of others.
For a human being human respect
is magnanimous and respects it.
A human being seeks his happiness
in the happyness of others,
And always makes efforts for the good life of others.
My child!
Now then you tell me
Does human being exist?

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