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Home » شیرانی رلی » TO WINTERS — MUBASHER MEDHI


Winters morning surprises
Beneath the winters melancholy rises
See the wind rustling in the cities
With it comes the fog to The mind’s serenities
Wind of winters tears apart the heart
Fill it with the memories of the past
Lonely room, filled with books on shelves
All the books speak of their own melancholies themselves
From for off places the wind comes so fast
Resides in mind to give the thoughts that last
Thoughts that cut the bones and flesh
Thoughts that you are no more with you and never the less
Thoughts that say about your eyes
Giving pleasure inside but deep down satirical similes
Winters never fail
Winters set the coffin of self on sail
How long are the freezing days?
No one is there to set you on lips that blaze
The nights so chilly that heart surrenders
Who can wait and wait so long to dig up the center again for summers?
Let’s set the ship of life to go beyond
Let’s go beyond the sunset and go to fetch the death hanging on the snowy trees of magic fond.

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