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Hut — Sarwat Zahra

This cottage
stands on powdery sand.
Beached for a while,
you have made it your motel.
This house, this hut,
for a few coins, for a certain time,
provides you comfort.

Discoloring, it fights and fights
the seashores blasting winds.
Plaster has fallen from its walls and ceiling,
and its porch shades have lowered
their gaze in shame.
But these winds! Relentless,
they curse this hut!

Each new arrival
has marked this wall,
carving his name in a heart,
claiming this hut as home—
but under so many scratched avowals
the wall has long been buried.

Your half-eaten crusts
and toppling towers of dirty dishes
litter the kitchen,
but its stove has never been lit.

Nothing here finds its proper place:
Bedroom, living room—every space
is thoroughfare to your dripping feet.

Its weary doors
have borne so many startling knocks
they fear to close completely.

In the ocean’s horrible roar
I feel this hut roiling.
It wants to flee,
but stranded in time
between city and ocean
it crumbles to sand.

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