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Our Child — Kubra / Dr Khudaidad

Our child!
The lovely frail flower of the
garden of our frank hopes!
Our little splendour!
To-day you are lying in our laps.
But, tomorrow!
Yes! Tomorrow we will be feeling concern
for our feebleness and will be looking
for our strength in the light of
your courageous youth.
O, the light of the eyes of mother and father,
The delight of hearts!
we hope that you will accomplish
our wishes that we could not,
Our lovely child!
May you grow, touch the lights
of wisdom, not those of conceit,
One of the momentous expectations
of our life is that you should become
s hero and great person.
May you be the incomparable guide
in the struggle for good felicity,
prosperity and progress of mankind.
We hope that the whole of the world
will be proud of your name.
Our sturdy child!
Make sincerity, veracity, patriotism and
love of humanity your nature.
Our sweetheart!
Your lovely eyes should ever search
for knowledge and truth.
I am stringing the peal of
my needs for you.
O, my dear child!
we wish you the strength of service to
the creatures of God and our homeland
And require the torch of your success
lighted for ever,
Our dearest child!
Devote yourself to forbidding, sacrifice,
courage and patience!
Make , dignity to humor nobility, respect
for elders and affection towards
the weak, your value.
Family respect, reputation, honor, courtesy,
eminance and chastity should be the
manifestations of your life.
The obvious standard of the foundation
of good character is the purity of conscience
and intuition.
Always keep yourself real and pure,
Our child!
You will become powerful.
Our child!
You will become greatman.
O, the apple of the eyes of mother and father!

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