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Imaginations — Kubra / Khudaidad

If, today, our happiness and good luck
reflexes in your beautiful eyes
And we see great prosperities
of the world in your smile,
If today our hardships and sorrows
come to an end by looking your
innocent face,
Our happy tomorrow, our peace of mind
and fulfillment of our hopes seems
to be in your conduct, actions.
thoughts and mobility.
Our unfinished expectations
and frank hopes will only then be fulfilled
when your conduct, behavior and
livelihood are humane in all the meaning,
Fix the glory of God and motherland,
the freedom and self determation of
the country and love,
the significant target of your life.
Our beauty!
The cause of our honour!
These are the wishes and expectations
your mother and father.
This is the hope for the fulfillment of the requirement
of maternal and faternal rights.
May you grow!
The lamp of the life mother and father,
may you grow!
May you grow our strength
and be the most powerful of all in the world

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