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Emancipation (Mast Taukali) ….. Translation: Mihran Baloch

Sammo was walking on the path to fetch grass
My beloved goes to an arduous hill
Emotions wrench like snakes in my body
Heart and soul seethe a thousand times
Bring a new theme for poetry
You don’t know the genre of my beloved
My beloved needs a lot of tending and care
Pampering like that of a adored son
She needs to be nurtured like a filly of the mare
She needs care, its good to take care
(For) comfort comes after hardships
At present (she is) young, (she) isn’t swift
Give her reins in hands of skilled riders
Let experts exalt her
She’ll learn to walk with elegance
Lunatics faint on seeing her
Friends! Look at the mischief of my soul
Every moment every instant I miss the beloved
Is she a fairy or a heavenly angel?
Today again the soul is restless for her
I’ve uttered this poem ’cause of heart ache
May God destroy the enemy
Sammo is freed from iron imprisonment
Comes clad in cotton shawl

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