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Shah Inayat of Jhok Sharif … Zarmeena Baloch

It is, sometimes
very necessary to raise weapons
not as an affront
but to celebrate one’s unwillingness
to concede before
and exploitation.

These days
when everyone
seeks to hide behind veils of
dubious existence.
An unsettling fear
covers us that silence is something
which may add up
few morsels
to one’s un-owned life.

Shah Inayat says,
freedom is life,
be it on the gallows.
Struggle is real fight,
be it in the fields of open rebellion.
What matters to us
that we should own:
our crops
our lands
even at the cost of life
at the altar of time.

Shah Inayat says,
People die
to bring faith back
to the lives in dreary ghettos
which is un-owned
and a piteous life.

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