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A Little bud …. Sehrish Naudhani

She is as a new little bud;
with golden lips, spirit of love
Four elements together help to grow
Swaying with glee;
With passion to sky seventh flee,
When God turns His heavenly pan;
Glimmered with diamonds bright,
Cradled within the embrace of night
when it tosses with joy;
Wanting to be free,
The thorn pinches thee;
But for thy very protection,
Twenty-five springs of life passed
By the gardener dispatched;
With a wild rose plant grafted
And from this undefiled Eden
Battle of life begins;
Like the troops of ghosts passed
Shedding thy leaves…
To alter the whole wild plant is thy agony
Struggling for the sake of life
Lap of thee new leaflets grow;
Now the spring has returned
Blooming rose-lets, as God’s blessing bestow
Fairest creature from the earlier spring
With the kisses of butterflies,
The wild plant gets luminous glow
Spreading fragrance around
Autumn arrives with falling leaves,
Winter with the pause of life,
Spring with the happiness,
Summer with eyes cracking out of tears,
Whatever the little bud had done
Was thought to be none!

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