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Home » شیرانی رلی » Cloud Messenger ۔۔ (Mast Taukali) ۔۔ Translated by Fazal Baloch

Cloud Messenger ۔۔ (Mast Taukali) ۔۔ Translated by Fazal Baloch

O Lord of marvels and miracles
You make the clouds pour
And turn the plains verdant.
Early in the morning
Heavenly clouds
With Divine scent and fragrance
Sailed from yonder lands
And massed up in the sky
These are the clouds
Held by the Divine’s hand in the sky
Torrent poured forth, deluged the debris of Sammi’s home
And away fleeted the clouds
From the horizon
Murmuring raindrops
Brought me Sammi’s message
Her message and fragrant greetings!

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